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Make tougher impaired driving penalties in Canada

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Imagine the pain of losing a child.....let alone ALL your children. Then imagine the anger you'd feel if there was someone to blame. Because some person who had been drinking made the stupid and selfish choice to still get behind the wheel, all your babies were ripped from your life. We need to do something to stop this from happening EVER again!

On Sept 27, 2015 In Vaughan Ontario, there was a horrific tragedy that killed 3 innocent little children (Daniel, Harry & Milly) and their grandfather Gary, devastating and destroying the lives of their families. My friend Jennifer and her husband Ed lost ALL 3 children that sad day. And as tragic and heartbreaking as it was, it was made worse by the fact that it was completely preventable!!!  It was caused by a man drinking & driving. He ran through a stop sign and smashed into the minivan, injuring all 6 people inside, 4 of them fatally. (the other 2 were the Grandmother and Great Grandmother of the children!)

What is going to stop people from drinking and driving? There is no cut and dry answer for this, but stiffer penalties would be a good place to start!

Did you know that if it's your first DUI in Canada, you face NO jail time!!!  And for a second DUI, you might only do 14 days in jail!!  When that person risked everyone's life that they drove by!  We need WAY stronger penalties to be a deterrent.

There needs to be NO MERCY! It should be very simple. If you drink & then drive, YOU ARE GOING TO JAIL! For a VERY long time.  These people can not let their egos decide it's ok I can drive.....believing they probably won't get caught, and knowing if they DID get caught, its no big deal. It is a VERY big deal because every time you drive drunk, it's like playing with a loaded gun. Eventually you will kill someone. Probably someone innocent.  

MADD Canada estimates there are somewhere between 1,250 and 1,500 impairment-related crash deaths in Canada each year!! That's between 3 & 4 people EVERY day!!

These sweet little children did NOT deserve this! Neither did their parents. And it has to stop!

We need to ask ourselves, are we going to do something about this NOW......or wait til it happens to OUR family? Lets put our voices together.....and DEMAND to be heard!

Some of the changes we need to make include

*MANDATORY jail time, even if you didn't kill someone (currently the only mandatory jail time is 6 years if you kill someone)

*Losing your license. Forever. Why should they ever get the chance to do it again?

*Random Breath Tests given by Police. (did you know they do this in Australia and some countries in Europe, and it has reportedly resulted in 20% fewer impaired driving crashes which in Canada would save up to 300 deaths every year!!)

*Alcohol ignition interlock devices on cars, preventing an impaired driver from starting their car

*Lower the legal blood-alcohol level to .05%

Please, Honourable Peter MacKay (and whoever replaces him in this coming election), please help us save lives!  Let's make change, together.

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