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In 2014 a law was created that would ban gestation crates in Canada. Farmers were given until 2024, 10 years, to comply. Now they are asking for an extension of 5 years. That may not seem like a long time but it is if you consider it will be the cause of the suffering of millions of sows every year, misery this sensible and compassionate animal welfare law was created to prevent.

Gestation crates imprisons pregnant sows in a metal cage that is so small they cannot turn even around. Sows are repeatedly immobilized for the entire duration of their pregnancy until she is retired and sent to slaughter. This means nearly all of a sow's life is spend in these cages as they are used by the industry as breeding machines. Another cruel aspect of the gestation crates is the danger of barn fires. Sows locked in these crates cannot escape and are burned to death alive without any chance to save themselves. 

This is obviously extreme abuse, and because of their cruelty, gestation crates have been banned in the UK, in Sweden and the entire EU. They have also been banned in many states in the US. This proves these crates are unnecessary as well as inhumane.  

Canada needs to uphold its right and compassionate decision to ban gestation crates and uphold it's current timeline. We need to remain leaders in animal welfare regulations and not give in to industry demands. Millions of pigs will suffer if the pork industry is given an extension on this deadline. We must say no to convenience over animal welfare and no to an extention to the Canadian gestation crate ban.