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Stop the passing of Bill M103

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The Canadian Liberal government is moving to pass a bill to outlaw "Islamophobia". Islamophobia is "fear of the religion Islam". Laws already exist to protect religious rights and freedoms, as well, there already exist laws against hate crimes. Creating a distinction for a single religious group is a dangerous precedent and is not necessary where laws already exist to protect groups from hate crimes. This motion has the potential to make protesting against Islam a crime. Canadians do not need to be told what they should and should not fear or feel. They should not be told to ignore the objective evidence they see. They cannot have their gut instincts legislated against. Islam, by definition of its own texts, is a religion of intolerance. It is a religion that object ivies women. We cannot allow legislation that would prevent Canadians from denouncing the wide spread intolerance that many in this religion stand for. Laws exist to protect religious freedoms and protect against hate crimes against religious groups. There is no need for a new, dangerous law that opens a Pandora's box.

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