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Stop Bullying Chris Brown

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Chris Brown made a big mistake in 2009 and yes what he did was wrong, but we all make mistakes. Whether it is the same mistakes or different mistakes from each other, does not make us any less or better of a person. You claim "It makes me kind of sick, to be honest with you, that someone like this will be performing in Halifax". Well we feel as though what you are doing makes us sick. You are a public figure and you know that when you commit a mistake whether its from 10+ years ago or just recently, you would want people to treat you with respect, forgiveness, equally, fairly and love you. As a parent your child makes a lot of mistakes and you may not condone the things they do, but you will love them regardless.

What you are doing is sickening to us all, it is unfair treatment and it is bullying. Regardless of what he did, he does not deserve to be treated like this nor does anyone else. It is a shame when grown adults promote such hatred, rudeness, disrespect, anger and bullying. IT MUST STOP! Too many children and adults are taking their lives over people bullying them over their own mistakes in their life. It is completely wrong and sends the wrong message out. It teaches children this bullying behavior is acceptable, when it not.

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