Canadian Legend Corey Haim Deserves a Star on Canada's Walk of Fame

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Canadian Legend Corey Haim Deserves a Star on Canada's Walk of Fame

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16 May / Response/acknowledgement of petition received from Jeffery Latimer, CEO at CWOF


Team Haim has done brilliantly to get this petition out there and seen. Thank you everyone and all. It's safely with the CWOF and we have everything crossed for the inductees this year.

With that in mind, we are closing the petition now until the inductees are announced. Hopefully we'll be able to change the petition status to victory later this year xxx everything crossed!

Remember you can also still nominate Corey directly on the CWOF online page here

"It basically comes down to that word: Love. I guess that's what it's all about". - Corey Haim.

LOVE TEAM HAIM #onlyonecorey 


Twelve years ago the world lost actor, artist, producer, skater, singer and humanitarian Corey Ian Haim.

Corey was in the public eye for thirty years and is lovingly remembered as the icon of a generation, as well as one of the most kind hearted people who ever lived. We, his fans, his friends, his family are saddened that after many years of campaigning for recognition for Corey, he does not yet have a Walk of Fame star in his own native country. Corey was a proud Canadian, and a constant fixture for those of the eighties and nineties generation. He is a symbol of a decade that many of us love and look back fondly on, and today, through the legacy of movies he completed, his fanbase is multi-generational and still expanding.

Corey touched the lives of every one he met with joy, and his own fan base – his supporters, as he called us. He has left an enduring legacy with forty plus movies in a very successful film career, from Lucas to the Lost Boys in the eighties to American Sunset in 2009.

His fans worldwide celebrate his legacy with national Corey Haim day on 2/22/22 his favorite number, the numbers from his and his sisters hockey jerseys. Fans along with his mother Judy Haim finalized the day this year. His gravesite is a recommended tourist attraction where he rests in his home town of Canada. Corey was an artist in every way from acting, singing, dancing , playing on hockey teams along side his father in Canada and he painted. His art is still available on fine art America to this day. Corey gave his life for his work, his movies, his art, his music. He gave his time freely to fans and friends, and to animals. He personally visited and contributed to animal shelters and would take the shelter dogs toys and food.

He was a good, kind person and it very sad that he – as one of the most recognisable Canadians – still has not been honored for his significant contributions to the film and art industry. We ask that you induct Corey to the Canada Walk of Fame, he deserves it, for he has never received acceptance, a simple Thank You, you did a great job while you were here.

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This petition had 2,897 supporters

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