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Stop Outsourcing IT jobs to India and China

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Recently TD bank and previously  Royal Bank of Canada have directed the spotlight on policies of this government toward employment of Canadian citizens, employment of temporary foreign workers and outsourcing of Canadian jobs.

Our government should be promoting employment of Canadians not facilitating corporations to outsource and take the jobs off shore. Our economy will become hollowed out and fall in upon itself like a house of cards if the current trend to outsourcing continues.

Corporations look only at the short-term bottom line. It is the responsibility of the government to take the long-term view and regulate what is in the best interest of its citizens.

Canadians responded angrily to news that their vaunted and profitable banks were outsourcing jobs to India. They demanded the practice of outsourcing stop, citing the need to employ Canadians and keep out foreigners. Politicians, and even some business leaders, pandered to those for whom outsourcing is an aberrant evil; something to be feared and kept at bay at some vague defined economic border. What was lost in the rhetoric is the indisputable fact that outsourcing is a structural reality in the global economy.

Those same Canadians who protested against outsourcing by the Royal Bank and continue to demand protection of the Canadian workforce at any cost, actually support outsourcing by seeking bargains at big box stores. 

The IT jobs deficit and Canada’s IT education programs are not inherently linked, but the country has a noticeable skills gap due to the lack of up-to-date and detailed labor market information, the continuous and rapid growth of the IT sector, declining enrollment in IT-related undergraduate programs, Canada’s aging population, and the federal government’s immigration policies.

According to Schrutt, in the last 20 to 30 years, there has been a dramatic decline in Canadian school students’ interest in IT careers at 7-8 years of age. He noted that not enough women are interested in IT as a career, which also leads to less kids enrolling in IT programs. “This is independent to the offshoring, but one could argue that if we had more people graduating from university, we could fill more of the jobs here in Canada,” he explained. “Also, even though a third of the IT workforce are immigrants, we should be taking in more.”

At no time in the past 70 years have Canadian workers and their families been confronted with such a ruthlessly indifferent combine of corporations and the state. Neo-liberalism, the so-called freeing of market forces, is thus revealed as having no limits, ethical, moral or political to its greed and its contempt for society. And it has little to do with “market forces.” It’s simple corporatism.


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