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Tell the CKC to ban merle-to-merle breeding

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Dogs with one copy of the merle alllele have lightened coats with mottled patches of colour, that can look quite pretty. 

Dogs with two copies of the merle allele can have decreased health and other problems.

When two dogs who both have a single copy of the merle allele are bred together, for each puppy there is a 50% chance that it will be single merle, 25% chance that it will not be merle, and 25% chance that it will be double merle.

Double merle dogs don't even have the beautiful merle pattern many breeders are looking for; they are mainly white with merle patches. And these dogs also often have health problems, including but not limited to blindness, deafness and skin conditions.

This is because double merle puppies are often lacking pigment where it would normally be.

Yet many breeders still breed merles together, for many reasons.

Sometimes it's because the breeds just aren't knowledgeable enough to know about double merle puppies. Sometimes it's because they don't care about the double merles, and that they're fine killing off a few innocent puppies in order to get a couple better ones. Whatever the reason, merle to merle breeding is not accpetable.

Double merle puppies are often thrown away or even killed for having health problems.

Breeders will have a hard time making money off 'defective' dogs, as well as the fact that it reflects poorly on their breeding program, so they kill them off. Often white double merles are killed even before the breeders can tell if they have health problems, simply because they don't want to take the chance. There are many rescues across the world dedicated to saving double merle puppies, however, so those unfortunate dogs still have hope.

So let's take action and tell the Canadian Kennel Club that this cruelty has to stop.

Double merle puppies are something that could easily prevented if breeders would just stop breeding single merle dogs together. So how about we give them an incentive to stop?

Let's suggest to the CKC that breeders shouldn't be allowed to register any puppies who have both parents as merle. If any dog, single, double, or not merle, has two merle parents, it shows that the breeders don't care about creating double merle dogs. 

Join me in the fight to stand up for those who can't stand up for themselves.

 For more information on double merle puppies, and a heartwarming story about Keller the double merle Australian Shepherd, who is deaf and partially blind, visit the following page: 

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