Give Archie the service dog back to his owner

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For nearly a year and a half, a Labrador retriever named Archie helped Debbie Carleton get out of bed every day.


Archie was matched with Carleton, a Halifax Regional Police detective who logged more than two decades on the job, by Canadian Intervention and Assistance Dogs, or CIAD.

But Carleton, who now lives in New Brunswick, will spend Christmas without Archie, after the service dog organization took him back.

It's left her grieving the loss of the bond she had with Archie and without a service dog to navigate daily life. It's like you have a best friend and now it's gone," Carleton said.Carleton started with the Halifax Regional Police in 1995. As a detective, she investigated difficult cases, from sex crimes to human trafficking. But she said she also had to deal with homophobia, sexism and sexual harassment on the job.She's been off work for the last five years after being diagnosed with severe work-related post-traumatic stress disorder."It's been a rough time to say the least, because the stigma of being a police officer, especially a female police officer, you're always having to prove yourself over and over and over again."