Canadian Immigration system reform – make system efficient

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Canadian Immigration system reform – make system efficient

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There were many attempts in the past to improve existing immigration system, however it looks that system is almost dysfunctional now with application processing times striking through the roof for all types of application. On the other hand – it is believed that world #1 countries in the near future will be the ones with the highest level of presence in science or high-tech sector, while other countries have a risk of turning into supply chain. And of course, any Canadian would like to see Canada in the first group rather than in second. So, why not to take a look around and see successful examples of society organization types leading into being #1? And most obvious example is highly successful large companies…and one of the keys to their success is “talent hunting”. To streamline this process - recruitment of the selected ones should also be straight forward with defined timeframe; people may be granted an employment on probation basis before offered a fulltime position. During this probation period selected ones should demonstrate fitness into selected area and ability to apply claimed set of skills to the company process. It is believed that this is achievable on the scale of Canada with program which represents the blend between HSMP (UK based program) and existing immigration programs.


Canadian Permanent Resident status should be earned through contribution to the society, same applies to Canadian Citizenship but with even further contribution. Initially people should be issued temporary status instead of PR, this should be done quickly and later on (based on contribution) - PR and citizenship may be granted and these should be earned statuses, not given. This will work exactly like getting an employment, but with the probation based on the required set of skills. Later on, everyone on probation who demonstrated required skills and attitude becomes a permanent full-time employee and then may earn some seniority later. Those who failed the probation - leaves the company.


Study permits:

Current situation is good enough, no change is required, however processing times should not exceed one month for the first time applicants and shall be less than a week for extensions.

Temporary residence (tourism and business visas):

There are many complaints that people who do not have criminal records and are full time employed cannot get temporary resident visas even for short social visits while same people have no problems getting visas for EU and Schengen. This should not be the case – short term temporary resident visas should be available electronically subject to absence of criminal record and employment. All documents should be submitted electronically and visa should be issued electronically, processing times should be limited to 1-2 business days.

Professional immigration and sponsorship (excluding parents and grandparents):

What seems to be right thing to do, is to base professional immigration on sort of "open work permits" - there should be list of high demand occupations based on the current market situation, then 2 years open work permit may be issued to anyone without criminal record and with proven experience within field, and this should not take longer than month or two. This status is NOT a PR and is temporary status with 2yr expiration.

- Then person is admitted to Canada with a right to seek for employment. Amount of such permits should have a quote per year, anyone not selected may apply next year – this will eliminate backlogs. Permanent residence may be granted after two years based on successful employment (or maternity or disability) within field applied.

- Social assistance ("welfare") might be paid but this will automatically mean no permanent residence after 2 years

- In two years person is eligible to apply for permanent residence within Canada provided that main criteria is met.

    o Main criteria in professional immigration category is an employment for at least as one year before the date of application within field applied. An employment should be confirmed by T1 indicating income which correlates with an average for the given field. For family applications it should be accepted that only one of the spouses is actively employed provided that family did not use any of the social assistance.

    o Main criteria in family sponsorship (spouses) category should be maintaining family for two years before the application or birth of children.

    o Collection of the social assistance should automatically disqualify an applicant for PR status.

    o If employment is shorter than one year AND social assistance was not applied for then open work permit might be extended for another two year term.


- Many trades and professions are regulated in Canada, and anyone willing to work in regulated categories must go through licensing and in some cases must return to the school. It should be allowed to anyone with “open work permit” to take a full time study, shall this be deemed necessary by the candidate, and open work permit shall be extended in this case to allow study completion and further licensing process, but this option should be available only once per open work permit and only within field applied. Tuition fees shall be required as for local residents in this situation. (This is main difference to HSMP program)


- Refugees shall not be given PR status the way it is done now, however they should be given open work permits which can be extended. Upon two years one can apply for PR status provided an evidence of successful employment (T1) for at least as one year before the application and no social assistance collected during past two years, otherwise open work permit shall be extended.

Parents and grandparents:

- Long term temporary visas shall be granted on the existing basis.

- There should be a possibility to sponsor parent(s) and grandparent(s), however proportion should be kept to maintain certain ratio between working people and not working.

- There should be only one “federal” lineup for parents sponsorship – every application is placed in sequence and then applicants should be able to monitor their position in the lineup. Corner case – provinces like Quebec may have their own criterias for that based on Quebec-Canada accord. In such case there should be one lineup per province.



- Anyone holding permanent residence status for three years or longer may apply for Canadian citizenship.

- On top of the residency requirement there should be requirement for to be financially self-sufficient (not collecting social assistance) during past three years, this way everyone can become Canadian citizen only through contribution to the society.


- PR status shall be extended if person is not granted citizenship, however any criminal record should cancel PR status.

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This petition had 41 supporters