To be able to bring my adopted child from Pakistan to Canada

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At the moment, it is very difficult to bring an adopted child from Pakistan to Canada and there is a current ban on adoptions by Canadians of children in Pakistan ( A quick google of parents trying to bring their adopted children out of Pakistan into Canada yields nothing but undue struggles.

My wife and I have been unable to have kids for the past 17 years.  My wife's sister blessed us by agreeing to have a child for us and gave birth to our (now adopted; in Pakistan) daughter, Ayyat.

We are hoping to bring her here to Canada, but have been denied (even a visitor's Visa) immigration.  My wife is currently stuck in Pakistan as we do not want our daughter without one of us in her most crucial years of development.  I, in turn, am here in Canada working and preparing for the day we get to bring our daughter home.  Home to enjoy the better quality of life Canada has to offer and to build wonderful experiences and relationships.

We implore you to please show support, not just for us, but for the many families trying to do the same thing for their adopted children from Pakistan and are going through the same struggles.  Our daughter is now 15 months old and time is flying by too fast.

Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts!