Unity and Uniformity for the Canadian Muslim Lunar Calendar

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We the undersigned Canadian jurists, ʿUlamā, imāms and masājid board members agree that, for the bigger picture of unity and uniformity, the below mentioned guidelines will facilitate Canadian Muslims celebrating Ramaḍān and the ʿEīds on the same day. These guidelines are within acceptable Islamic jurisprudence enshrined in the Qurʾān and sunnah.

1. Moon-sighting is to be based on the international (global) sighting criteria.

2. We should accept optical aid.

3. We should accept the verdicts of Islamic judges from muslim countries regarding moon sighting.

4. We should refrain from overemphasising moon visibility maps.

It is our belief that 95% of Canadian Muslims will celebrate Ramaḍān and the ʿEīds on the same day if the above is adopted. This will also help eliminate the distaste, divisions, negative discussions and disrespect that is a result of having multiple ʿEīds in Canada.

The moon sighting matter is very flexible in Islam. We believe the above guidelines will unite the masses on one day for islamic events such as ʿEīd. These muslim events can be considered shaʿāir (islamic hallmarks) in a non muslim majority country, such as Canada. We strive and pray for unity and togetherness.