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Make Canadian Parliament Take Climate Change Seriously

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     Canadian Parliament has been lax when it comes to the biggest existential crisis to ever threaten the world. Julie Gelfand, Canada’s Commissioner of Environment and Sustainable Development, has assigned "a failing grade" to 14 ministries for the work they've done in assessing the risks of climate change. The work that these ministries have done to curb climate change in a seven-year period is negligible.
     According to Commissioner Gelfand, Canada has continuously missed its targets for reducing greenhouse emissions. Repeated efforts to reduce emissions of these gasses have all failed. Even more disturbing is the fact that Canada’s goals have also changed. What Canada has planned to achieve by 2020 has been moved to 2030. The simple fact however, is that the environment may not afford us the luxury of pushing back our goals yet another decade. The federal government is in a position to take action. However, the government’s efforts have simply fallen short. What Canadians must do is to send a message that they care. Canadians are aware of the problems that confront the planet, and want change to be enacted.
     The time for planning has long gone! The need for action has been alarmingly apparent for years now. Forests do not spontaneously combust. Sea levels have never before risen at such alarming rates. Glaciers should not be melting. And yet, with each passing decade, there has been a new excuse. Plans to combat climate change have been pushed aside for more politically motivated matters, matters which are vote-driven. Now is the time for action!
     Canada is already experiencing the impacts of a changing climate. This inaction and the results of the recent audit are unacceptable given that the stakes are so high. In Canada’s ministries the solutions to climate change are unclear because the problems caused by climate change are unclear. Our Environment Minister, Catherine McKenna, has responded to the audit by saying that: "we know we need to be doing more and that's exactly what we're doing". Yet, we do not know what “more” is. She also intimated that this poor planning was in part due to the previous Conservative Government.
     That, my fellow Canadians, is exactly the problem. Climate change is a global phenomenon. It does not have a party affiliation. We should no longer be preoccupied with our affiliations either. Canadians have a rich history of protecting people in need. Our peacekeeping initiatives around the world are a testament to the ingenuity and productivity Canadians possess. Unfortunately, we have not been able to manifest these same virtues at home.
     This is exactly what this petition is for. Let’s show our government that we care. Let’s show the world that we are leaders! Right now there is no plan for action partly because the government does not feel pressured enough to implement with one. By signing our petition, you are telling your representatives that you care about climate change, you care about saving lives and that you will vote for representatives who will implement a comprehensive plan.

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