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Make Education a Human Right and an Essential Service

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I am one of the many Ontario College students impacted by the current strike going on. We are being used as pawns by the colleges and teachers unions to get their ways.

While being a first year student and not being impacted as much, I know many of my fellow students are. Many are worried about losing their placements and potential jobs, how to make ends meat with the lack of bursaries, not knowing what to do with their expiring student Visas or not knowing where they will live if the semester is extended. 

What I want is for the government of Canada and the Supreme Courts to recognize that education is a human right. Any progressive country such as ours should. That being said, I want education to be deemed an essential service as it should be a human right. That means teachers unions would have to find other ways to negotiate other than holding student's education and colleges holding our money hostage. Much like nurse's unions are not allowed to strike due to healthcare being a human right and essential service. This would also require the colleges to sit down and negotiate proper contracts that put students, teachers and education over their coffers first and foremost as they should and the government should step in when they do not.

Now I don't know how this would be accomplished. I am but one student who still has some idealism in him. All I'm hoping for this is to get some attention to the matter. Education should be a human right. Especially in a country as great as ours and it should be one of our biggest focuses. Our futures and the futures of upcoming generations should never be used as tools by the greedy to make an extra buck.


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