We've sprung forward, let's not go back!

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Let’s get rid of twice yearly time changes in Ontario (All of Canada would be even better) which have no benefit. Let’s stay in daylight savings time and not return to standard time in the fall. DST was originally used to save energy by creating more daylight time for people to be outside. Today our lights and appliances are made more energy saving and people stay inside using TV, computers and other electronic devices so it no longer saves energy.

The Monday after we switch the clock back an hour each spring is known as the deadliest day of the year. Heart attacks increase by 24%, car accidents increase by 17%, work productivity goes down and there is an increase in suicides. Animal farmers especially dairy farmers dislike it as it disrupts feeding and milking schedules. It can disrupt sleep patterns, especially for young children and seniors.

Many think "falling back" (reverting to standard time) doesn’t affect us as we gain an extra hour of sleep but research indicates that even a small 60-minute time change can have effects on the body, health and traffic safety.

Less than 40 percent of countries around the world follow daylight savings time. There are states that have abolished it and several other states moving to stay year round in DST. Canada is split with some provinces springing forward and falling backwards while other provinces don’t change time. In some provinces there are parts of the province that follow DST while other towns and cities in that province don’t. Pickle Lake, Atikokan and New Osnaburgh in Ontario observe Eastern Standard Time Year Round. Switching between DST and EST is confusing, unnecessary and an unhealthy practice.

The majority of the world doesn’t  ”spring forward” or “fall back” So why do we?