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Canadian Government: Vote No on Motion 408

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We are writing to you to ask you to vote against MP Mark Warawa’s Motion 408, in which he calls on Parliament to condemn the practice of sex-selection abortion.

The right of women to reproductive choice means just that: women have the right to make decisions about when and whether to conceive and about when and whether to carry a pregnancy to term. It is impossible for anyone other than the individual woman to understand her situation and the many factors and pressures that come to bear on whatever decisions she feels she must make. For this reason, it is inappropriate for us to either praise or condemn any woman for whatever choice she makes.

Mr. Warawa claims that his motion is driven by a desire to end discrimination against females in Canada. We suggest that there are many ways to do this that do not involve encroaching on women’s right to reproductive choice. In that spirit, we have written the following peition to be presented to parliament:

Because increasing the number of girls born in Canada is an important part of achieving women’s equality as guaranteed under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, we call on the government of Canada to condemn discrimination against females by banning all practices that increase the likelihood of conceiving a male child, including the following:

- Increased consumption of red meat by men when they and their partners are trying to conceive

- Heterosexual sexual intercourse during the 24 hours before ovulation and the 12 hours after

- All heterosexual sexual activity, such as rear entry intercourse, that makes it easier for the weaker male sperm to reach the egg

- The consumption of caffeinated beverages by men in the 2 hours before they have sexual intercourse with a female partner

- Sexual intercourse during the month of October

- Males having an orgasm first during heterosexual intercourse

- Having heterosexual intercourse during the quarter moon phase.

All of the above practices have been noted to increase the likelihood of conceiving a male child, and so, in a country committed to the equality of girls and women, should be banned.

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