The support of the Canadian Government for the Amazon Rainforest Fire

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For more than 3 weeks, the Amazon Rainforest has been on fire and only now the media is talking about it. Our biggest natural source is about to die if we don’t act and ask for our government to make something about it. I only ask the government to help this beautiful place and send help to stop the fires and to PLANT TREES. We want Canada to plant 1 million trees and to save not only the Amazon, but our PLANET. And to help the tributes suffering from this disaster by providing healthcare services, water and food to Brasil and Bolivia. 

The Amazon Rainforest creates 20% of the air we breath. 

It has 40% of the WORLD’S fresh water supply. 

This is unacceptable. The same way our government has been supporting many minorities, it’s time for our government to SUPPORT, HELP AND SAVE our PLANET. 

It’s time to take action.