Suspend all flights from China into Canada

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With the recent outbreak of the coronavirus, please join me to request the Canadian government to suspend all inbound flights from China. At this point, people from Wuhan have fled the city and are now in cities/provinces around China, even around the world. Some even hid the fact that they were sick and knowingly travelled carrying the virus.

The incubation period for this Wuhan Coronavirus can be as long as 14 days with common cold symptoms like sneezing, sore throat with/without fever. In the midst of the Chinese New Year, there will be more people coming from China to Canada. It is not effective to only screen for fevers at the airport for arriving passengers since even an infected person may not have a fever. We urge the Canadian government to suspend all flights from China, to prevent further outbreak of the virus. 

Please learn from the SARS incident 17 years ago. There's more that can be done. First step is to eliminate a major potential source of the virus.