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Require "Palm Oil" to be listed on ingredients list

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The production of palm oil in South East Asia is responsible for the death and the displacement of entire populations of endangered orangutans and countless other species. Although almost any industry can be organized in a sustainable fashion, the companies running palm oil plantations in South East Asia have not yet considered this as an option. The industry is destroying critical habitat, and fragmenting what forests are still left. It can also lead to the capture of the orangutan and other endangered animals, as people are able to easily invade their environment via roads for transporting products. This can be very profitable to a poacher - and illegal. Many of the infant apes witness their mothers being killed and are frequently sold in the exotic pet market. Of the animals that are rescued, many are sent to sanctuaries, never to return to the wild.
Palm Oil is used in countless products, but is by law able to be listed as "Vegetable Oil". This disguises the use of palm oil in products. As an animal lover, I want to be properly informed on the products I purchase, so that I can be a responsible consumer. I don't purchase goods from companies that test their products on animals, and I don't want to purchase products that contain palm oil farmed in unsustainable ways. This is adding demand to the market, encouraging large companies to invest and continue the destruction of critical habitats. We have already seen and are currently witnessing an irreversible impact on the orangutan, its environment and many other species dependent on these disappearing forests.
Please help my cause by signing this petition to make it a law in Canada that if a product contains palm oil, the ingredient list on that product must read "Palm Oil", not "Vegetable Oil". This will allow us as consumers to purchase in a transparent market, and make informed decisions about whether or not to support this industry. If we want future generations to be able to enjoy and appreciate orangutans, either in the wild or even just in a documentary on Disney Channel, join me in signing this petition.

Thank you.

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