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Nelson Mukiza Seburiri started this petition to Canadian Government


Edmonton Pastor asks the Canadian Government for Help

Edmonton, Alberta July 2019. In just the past 5 months, over twenty thousand people have been suddenly displaced and an unknown number of people have been killed by armed groups of Mai Mai militia in coalition with negative forces from Burundi and Rwanda. The militias attacked  villages of Banyamulenge people in Minembwe, South Kivu province, Democratic Republic of Congo. During the attacks, houses were burned down and people’s properties were destroyed or illegally confiscated.

Rev. Nelson Mukiza Seburiri, a native of the Minembwe region, now a citizen of Canada in Edmonton, is asking the Canadian government for help through the refugee allotments of the Immigration Levels Plan and humanitarian aid for displaced people. 

“The government in Ottawa, through the Immigration Levels Plan, has graciously allowed for up to 50,000 refugees and humanitarian immigrants per year. We believe the Banyamulenge Refugees in Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda and Kenya are exactly the type of humanitarian refugee envisioned in the plan.”

MONUSCO, the United Nations Mission in DR Congo, along with the provincial government and national army, have been able to stop the violence, at least temporarily. But with over seventy villages destroyed and so much of the population displaced, the planting and harvesting necessary to sustain the region’s agricultural economy are in jeopardy. The armed conflicts resumed in May 2019 until the present.

“There are a significant number of immigrants from the region who are already living in Canada, including many in my church” said Rev. Seburiri. “We all have family and friends who are good, hard working people in DR Congo, but who cannot survive with the constant cycle of poverty and violence in the region. They need our help.” 

 Rev. Seburiri, would like to propose/ request five methods of providing support from the Canadian Government/ people of Canada:

1. To increase International pressure on President Felix Tschisekedi to follow through on  his promises that he made during his inauguration.

2. Humanitarian Aid for one year in the form of basic food items (50 tons each of maize flour, beans, rice & sugar, plus 5 tons of edible oil); clothing; and agricultural seed, and farming tools suitable for the region.

3.  Assistance & materials for the rebuilding of shelters, schools, and medical clinics.

4.  A long-term commitment from the Canadian Government to provide assistance and materials for the rebuilding of roads and bridges. 

Lastly,  Rev. Seburiri, would like to propose that 25,000 Banyamulenge Refugees, currently in Rwanda, in Burundi, in Uganda and in Kenya be considered for resettlement to Canada under Humanitarian and Goverment-Assisted Refugees Program (GAR).

In addition to requesting immigration help from the Canadian government, Rev. Seburiri is encouraging people to sign the petition below:

Also, there is a desperate need for food, clothing, and shelter for the displaced people, as well as long-term support to provide the education and infrastructure resources which can help break the cycle of violence in the region.  Please sign this petition below in support of displaced people of Minembwe.

"Please speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute".

Thank you!

Rev. Nelson Mukiza Seburiri 

0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!
At 1,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!