Canadian Front Line Doctors and Nurses in CRITICAL Need of Hazmat Suits with Ventilators.

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ATTENTION CANADA & PRIME MINISTER JUSTIN TRUDEAU. We the people of Canada are demanding that you enforce immediate production of medical equipment for our front line workers NOW!

We are NOT going to send our front line workers into a PANDEMIC BATTLE without the proper gear.

WE want an answer today . MARCH 24.2020

The longer we wait the more of a horrific and unprecedented tsunami of tragedy will happen. BY signing this petition I am urging you and your government to turn ON PRODUCTION right now!!! Urgent.911.

"We're at war with a microscopic enemy. Surgical masks only filter 44% of viruses. This virus is going to take out our healthcare workers like a bowling ball. We need Hazmat Suits with Ventilators."

Anna-Marie Wysynski - Front Line Emergency Room Doctor. 

We need to SUPPORT our healthcare workers so they can HELP US!!