People Charged for Drunk Violent Actions Legally Required to Participate in Rehab

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My male friend and I, a female, were harassed by a drunk man. My friend was inside a store when the older man first approached. He showed what seemed to be some sexual interest in me and he wouldn't leave me alone. Once my friend came out of the store the man accused him of looking mad/mean out of the blue. Hesitantly, my friend replied with something along the lines of "yeah". For some unknown reason this angered the stranger even more, and that's when it became really terrifying.

The intoxicated man got incredibly close to my friend saying, and I quote, "If I had my knife right now, I'd stab you just for fun."

Which was soon to be followed by some exclamation about how he should go grab his knife. At this point, I was beyond scared. I slowly backed away and dialed 911. The man was still uncomfortably close to my friend, but walked away mid phone call to assumingly fetch his knife. I was shaking so much I couldn't even stand.

Less than an hour later, I was taken into the police station to give a statement. I was told this man had been charged for drunken actions countless times. I'm unsure if he has attended rehab, but he obviously needs it. The only other thing I was told was that if he was found guilty he would most likely only be charged with uttering threats.

I am only 14 and my friend is 15.

I have no doubt in my mind this man has traumatized others. Not only that, he is simply ruining his own life. He needs to be sentenced to rehab. Charging him will obviously not change his actions. He needs help.

This is not only a problem I have experienced, others could agree with me when saying The Justice System is doing a very poor job. Please, sign this petition to both prevent others from becoming victims and to help alcoholics turn their lives around. 

You can change the world for the better.