Canadian Government Must Declare Real Climate Emergency

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Did you know that human beings are the only living species that systematically destroy their own habitats? We need to declare a REAL climate emergency. For the sake of securing our future, please read this and help protect our planet. 

The Canadian house of commons passed an inoperative non-binding resolution to declare climate change an "emergency". Yet, the very next day, the Liberal government payed $4.5B for a pipeline expansion project which is destroying oceanic life, all while giving over 3 billion dollars ever year in our hard earned tax money as handouts to gas, oil and coal companies as "subsidies". Ever notice how when it's given to billionaire corporations destroying our planet it is called a "subsidy" but when it is given to humanitarian efforts it is called a "handout"?

The Liberal and NDP governments are campaigning on climate change, yet the NDP party leader, Conservative party leader and even Justin Trudeau himself were not even in the room when the house voted on this non-binding resolution. It is therefore unsurprising that they are not taking climate change seriously when none of them even cared enough to show up to this vote. The federal government needs to pass a binding order, not a non-binding resolution declaring a climate emergency so they are compelled to not only tweet about the environment, but to do something about it. Scientists have warned us Canada will be ravaged by heatwaves and storms that will destroy our electricity grid. They have warned us our food supply will be diminished to nothing and the air will become toxic. All the while our government is pretending to be environmentally conscious by implementing measures such as a carbon tax while simultaneously giving the fossil fuel industry billions of dollars behind our backs allowing them to not only survive, but grow even more powerful every day. It is time we show the Canadian government that we the citizens are engaged, that we notice what they are doing, and that if they are going to "declare" a climate emergency, we expect them to act on it. We will no longer be lied to and have our money go to these billion dollar industries who take from the citizens, take from the planet and give us nothing in return except a bleak and toxic future. The climate crisis has started, and it doesn't care the house of commons signed a piece of paper calling it an emergency, we need our current Prime Minister to start treating it like an emergency, or we will vote in one that will.