Let's Help Stop Environmental Racism!

Let's Help Stop Environmental Racism!

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Canadian Government

Why this petition matters

Started by Darryl Seedial

In Ontario and surrounding provinces, there is a lot of pollution that goes around.

In order to stop this we need the government or in general people in power to recognize that this is a real problem. This specific problem affects many people not just by degrading their health but by also taking advantage of them at the same time. 

The main goal of this petition is to inform you of the inequities in the lower-income and more diverse areas specifically in Toronto. When there is an idea to build a factory the location it is proposed to be built in is always a low income and more diverse area. You would never see a factory built in a wealthy area. 

We are trying to show that this is a major problem because the lower-income more diverse places can't and don't bother fighting the higher powers when something like this happens.

If this petition is successful then that means that there are a lot more eyes on this issue and the main goal is to spread awareness. Remember If people don't see a problem then they believe there is no problem.


61 have signed. Let’s get to 100!