Justin Trudeau ,Convid19 economical impact on the beauty industy

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I as many in the beauty industry,nothing to fall back on.

We all have family’s and are constantly dealing up close and personal with our beloved clients,we ask if your sick stay home,if you’ve been away stay home up to 14 days.santize your hands,take necessary precautions when coughing/ sneezing,and please keep in mind not all of us can afford 3-4 weeks off,

contact government officials,whom I’m hoping would think of us financially at this time,should we have to close,this is not just for us but everyone’s well being.i personally have chronic bronchitis,and one kidney,my fiancé has diabetes,so I’d love to stay away from it all...I simply can’t,don’t panic but do think of handwashing fastidiously.

A lot of government,schools etc are shutting down,for us self employed it’s not an option most of the time.We are hoping this passes quickly and without to many casualties.I agree the less people out and about will most certainly save a lot of elderly and people with compromised immune systems.

So our salon and many that will remain open,please be cautious,we are doing our part to make it a safe environment for you,we simply ask the same.Thank you and please take a moment to siqn this petition .