Hazard Pay & Free Parking for ALL Hospital, PSW's & Health Care Employees! We Deserve It!

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Healthcare workers continue to put their lives on the line for all of you and your loved ones to help end this war of Covid19. Whether they are nurses working on the front lines, offices, switchboards, housekeeping, Info Tech's, screeners, PSW's or a million other important jobs that keep our healthcare running smoothly, "WE ALL DESERVE SOME COMPENSATION, APPRECIATION & CREDIT." We love our jobs, we take our chances everyday to keep you and this country safe. We do not come to work just because it's our job but because we are all trying to make a difference. We push past our fears, say goodbye daily to our families with the hopes of getting through each day without ourselves being harmed. Some of us have isolated ourselves from our children & families that are at a higher risk of infection to ensure there is no spread of Covid19 to them. Is it too much to ask our Government and our Health Care Employers to realize our efforts and show some compassion by compensating us fairly with free parking & hazard pay? If you agree, please sign and share. Thank You and please stay safe <3