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As many of us are aware, many countries are currently going through horrific oppression. Millions of people in Palestine and Syria are constantly getting attacked, killed and injured in several different ways. Such as bombings, shootings, lack of food and water, loss of shelter, poverty, and many more causes of death are upon these innocent countries. These innocent families have been witnessing their family dying in front of their very own eyes for several years now, there has been no one helping to make an impactful change for these poor people in need. People donated billions of dollars to rebuild the Notre Dame, but no one opens their eyes to see what really needs billions of dollars. Did you know that with the amount of money people put in to rebuild the "Notre Dame" was enough money to disentangle more than 50% of Syria and Palestine's hunger? The world isolates itself from the fact that Islamic countries need our help. It's disgusting to see that Islamaphobia still exists. We need to work together to bring down Israel's army and fight for what we know is right. Sign this petition to inform the government of Canada that we need assistance to help those in need. I'm here to try to make a real impact on this situation.