End plastic water bottle use in B.C.

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Stop buying plastic water bottles!

water in B C is clean enough to drink from streams and sinks. We would rather drink from idiotic plastic bottles. We walk to vending machines to contribute to murdering our planet. And we pay countless amounts of money to do so. We are wasting away our time killing our planet and it’s ecosystem. And our government has done nothing to help end this terror to the Earth.

we need to stop this and act. Rather than standing still and doing nothing because we are afraid of change, we should be bold and make the change happen. Be the change that this world needs. Help support this cause by signing and supporting this petition. Spread the word, heck, spam the word if they don’t Listen. We must help end waste in this world. We need to go zero waste, and we can help by ending one aspect of climate change.

help end climate change. We need to end climate change because if we don’t, my generation is never going to live a peaceful life. Many of my friends have had their dreams ruined because of climate change and it’s affects on the planet. By the time I am 30, the world will be in a unimaginable state. I want to live in a world where I can enjoy what I like to do. I want to help support my generation and I want them to live a normal life without having
to fight endlessly for this cause you started. I want to end climate change.

we can take this one step at a time, so help by signing this petition to ban plastic water bottles from British Columbia.