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Enable the safe and swift restoration of the Wilkie family, together, in Canada.

Letter to
Minister of Citizenship, Immigration & Multiculturalism Jason Kenney
MP New Democrat Party, Hamilton Centre, ON David Christopherson
To the powers that be in our Canadian government,

Please enable the swift and safe restoration of the Wilkie family. Ian Wilkie, Canadian, husband and father of three, is a suitable sponsor to his own wife, regardless of income status.

Please see to it that this situation, which should have never occurred, is corrected immediately. There is no viable reason why this family should be punished so. This is Canada - families of mixed origins are the very fabric of this country - please help put this family together and restore even a little bit of faith in government.

I am encouraging any and all to reach out with the same fight, passion and reason to assist the Wilkie family.

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