Change to the criteria to qualify for Thalidomide compensation

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Change to the criteria to qualify for Thalidomide compensation

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We, the affected yet undocumented Canadian Thalidomide Survivors, are uniting to show the Canadian Government that there are far more Thalidomide survivors than they will acknowledge. We do not believe the Canadian Government's nor Health Canada's claim that they are interested in righting the wrong done to all survivors. We are in search of the same justice, recognition and compensation as the documented individuals.

The criteria for compensation as stated by Rona Ambrose is:

“New” individuals who believe they are survivors of Thalidomide will have six months to come forward and identify themselves to Health Canada.To qualify as a Thalidomide survivor, “new” individuals will need to satisfy one of the three criteria set out in 1991, which existing survivors have previously met. These criteria are:
* Verifiable information of the receipt of a settlement from the drug company;
* Documentary proof (e.g., medical or pharmacy records) of the maternal use of Thalidomide (brand names Kevadon or Talimol) in Canada during the first trimester of pregnancy; or
* Listing on an existing government registry of Thalidomide victims..

This is unrealistic criteria.

Now, in 2015, we are expected to meet the same criteria even though:
* the majority of our doctors and mothers are no longer here.
* the retention limit for medical documents is 10 years.
* Many of our mothers were given Thalidomide as a sample.
* we are not accepted by the TVAC (Thalidomide Victims Association of Canada) as we do not have documents as proof.

This criteria needs to change.

We need:
1. To be able to be assessed by a medical professional that specializes in deformities caused by Thalidomide. We would hope that there have been advancements made in medicine and the study of thalidomide that an expert in that field could look at our deformities and x-rays and make an educated diagnosis.
2. To be given a more reasonable amount of time to have testing done and to try locate our medical records.

We have been told that we have to prove that we are victims, its time the government is told that they have to prove that we are NOT victims. We have suffered and endured the same challenges and we are just as deserving of compensation.

It is time for action and change

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