Justice for Black Canadians against Systematic Racism and Police Brutality

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Canada has never been free of racism and discrimination. It’s far away from the country free of systematic racism. It’s not all rainbows and unicorns here. This entire nation was established on a stolen land, yet many Canadians view the people of colour, especially Black Canadians as ‘outsiders’. There have been countless cases of police brutality against the Black community but we stay silent. This isn’t the time to just sit in our homes and just watch the show. It’s time to make our voices heard. It’s time to demand for justice. We have to let the people above us know that we want a change. We want justice for many lost Black Canadian lives. It’s time to speak up. Wake up. If you think that this isn’t a problem because it doesn’t affect you directly, then you truly have a privilege in Canada. We won’t stay silent because oppression against one means oppression against all. We stay united. Side by side. This isn’t the North we want. We want a North free of injustice, systematic racism, oppression and police brutality. Don’t let this slip away. This is for all the Black Canadians who deserve justice. We will never feel their pain because we haven’t been through it. We don’t get looked at with suspicious eyes just because of our skin colour. This is about them. This is about our Black brothers and sisters in Canada. Please sign and spread this petition to show our officials that we demand a change in Canada!!