Prevent child sexual abuse by allowing public access to records!

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Stop granting sexual predators and pedophiles anonymity.

...Because hiding the identities of sexual predators allows them to have access to future potential victims. 

If you don't know who to be cautious of, or who to protect your children from, the risk of sexual abuse is heightened.

In countries, such as the United States, all information pertaining to a sexual offender can be found with a quick search online. You can instantly pull up the name, picture, address, crime(s) committed, time period, etc. of every sexual predator, allowing the public and potential victims to be aware of the potential danger. 

Because when you know of danger, you can prevent it, and this is why I am petitioning for the Canadian Government to change the access permissions to the sexual offender registry.

Currently, the Canadian National Sex Offender Registry is not public.

By changing this law, we can do the following:

  • prevent future children and adults from potential becoming victims of sexual abuse
  • sexual predators may think twice before committing the crime knowing their information is available publicly
  • provide a sense of security for victims knowing other's are aware of the potential danger
  • prevent sexual offenders from having access to public events, parks, apartments etc. where children frequent
  • we can protect children and adults from sexual abuse

It is time that we stop protecting the names of these sexual offenders, and let the world know of the danger so that we can protect future potential victims. 

Please sign and share this petition so we can protect our children from becoming sexual abuse victims, and expose the pedophiles publicly.