Abolish Section 6 of the Indian Act

Abolish Section 6 of the Indian Act

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Matthew Nahdee started this petition to Canadian Government and

Happy Canada Day to those who celebrate! To those that don't, I understand.

To those that don't understand why many indigenous people don't take part in this holiday - please give me 3 minutes to see if I can't get you to see it from our POV.

It's been a trying 150 years, but we're resiliant. We're the fastest growing population in the country. The Supreme Court is validating most of our connections to this body of land. More of us brings more awareness, capacity, passion and compassion. All of this would lead me to believe we're heading in the right direction, but to put it simply, we aren't.

The Canadian Government via the Indian Act, which remains the most systemic racist piece of legislation in modern developed countries, controls who can identify as First Nations. Fact: This is unlike every other colonized nation in the world.

With no option but to head to the city like all new Canadians and 2nd/3rd/4th generation ones, we still lose our connection to family and community.

This is not abmormal, and when settler population state "Get over it," as it relates strictly to that I modestly understand. Your family probably has suffered through trauma at some point in time where you all had to get over it. Life is tough for everyone in this country. Many Canadians struggle.

What is unique, is that despite our common struggles, all Canadians can still identify as their ethnicity, their religious affiliation and by Canadian law, no one can take that right away or define who they are for them. This fundamental right is not true for our people.

Ex. If myself, Indian Status card holder reproduces with someone who doesn't possess one, this triggers a 2 generation cut off for the family. So if my child, who would be 6-2 status (50%) marries anyone, it doesn't matter. My family's ethnicity or claims to them is on the road to extinction in the eyes of the government. If they marry a 6-1 (100%), making their child more native than their parent (75%), still nothing.

What does this mean for us 7 generation thinkers? Once a reserve loses membership, they lose the right to be called a Band. Without a Band, there is no Band land. You can bet that reserve land is going up for public auction (and as the gap continues to widen between indigenous Canadians and the main stream since private mortgages aren't a real thing on reserve), means we're losing that land too. This means equity (both fairness and private assets) isn't a real thing and therefore inclusion into the Canadian economy isn't a real thing.

A government shouldn't label people, fund their essential services less than other citizens, intentionally limit private investment, control their interests and tell them they are or are not a race.

None of this is freedom - these are the tools of codependency. This is not what we fought for when we won the War of 1812 for this country's citizens.

All we've ever done is exist and want to live our lives free from government policies that are aimed at our extermination. Surely, this is understandable.

You see, Canada 300 will be the same patriotic lovefest for you all. But for us, if things don't change, we will be celebrating the death of not just the Indian Act, but of our people and our ancestor's connection with TURTLE ISLAND.

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