Canadians stranded in Colombia. Canadiens coincés en Colombie. Canadienses varados/Colombi

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The Covid-19 crisis escalated very fast in the Americas. When the government of Canada announced that Canadians should return to Canada immediately, many of us rushed to change our flights and even though we managed to change the dates our flights got cancelled. The reason being that some companies stopped their flights and others simply gave our seats to other passengers. So far we are a group of over 112 canadians, which is constantly growing. Among us there are families, with children ranging from a few months old to 14 years old. One of them has both his parents in Canada at the moment. There are also many people over the age of 60, and people with medical prescriptions, including cancer and depression medicine. Most of them do not have health insurance in Colombia. At the same time, being in another country makes us unable to apply for unemployment or any other aid being offered in Canada. The only help we are being offered is a loan. We understand that this is a crisis that is touching the whole world, but we are aware that Canada is currently planning repatriation flights in many countries and we ask Colombia to be put in the list. We thank you for signing this petition and we hope you are all well and safe.

Plusieurs citoyens ou résidents canadiens sont pris en Colombie et doivent retourner au Canada pour des raisons de sécurité.  Si vous avez des amis ou de la famille dans cette situation veuillez signer cette pétition. 

Muchos ciudadanos o residentes canadienses están bloqueados en Colombia y urge que regresen a Canadá por razones de seguridad. Si algunos de sus familiares o amigos se encuentran en esta situación, les rogamos firmar esta petición.  ¡Juntos haremos que el gobierno reaccione!