More Regulation for the Importation of Sick Dogs by Rescues into Canada.

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Experts warn Canada does very little monitoring and has few regulations with regard to the importation of dogs into the country. The challenge? Some of these furry refugees carry parasites, bacteria and viruses rarely seen in this country — pathogens that could pose a serious threat to local pets, wildlife and people. 

*THIS PETITION'S GOAL IS NOT TO LIMIT THE IMPORTATION OF DOGS FROM KNOWN SOURCES SUCH AS LEGITIMATE REGISTERED KENNEL OPERATIONS* but rather rescues that are not evaluating canine health.  The parameters for dogs admitted into Canada must become more stringent. 

Most recently a Cambridge Ontario Shelter euthanized 30 dogs that tested positive for brucellosis.  

Some of these imports have a two day turn around and are adopted carrying serious diseases from Korea, other parts of Asia and Africa.  

Veterinarians monitoring the canine migration are sounding the alarm.

"The risk is there — it's already happening," said Dr. Kevin MacAulay, president of the Alberta Veterinary Medical Association.

Dr. Kevin MacAulay, president of the Alberta Veterinary Medical Association, said Calgary has already had a case in which rescue dogs from the U.S. and Mexico infected others with Brucella canis, which affects the reproductive organs in dogs and can cause miscarriages in humans. (Monty Kruger/CBC).

The potential also exists for new strains of distemper (for which we have no vaccination) , rabies and other canine maladies that Canada has never seen before 

In addition to this, dogs are being imported from the USA with heart worm to regions of Canada that have never had to treat for heart worm.

We must protect our dogs here at home in Canada and also find homes for the dogs in shelters that are Canadian in origin.