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Make MarineLand take better care of their animals or shut them down!

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Niagara Falls:

On August 10th Julie McEwen and Samantha Emery visited MarineLand in Niagara Falls with a close friend and her one year old son. After that putrid day of witnessing MarineLand’s horrific treatment of animals, they vowed never to return again.

McEwen and Emery day started off at MarineLand after paying a shocking $50 for admission, but this would appear ‘pleasant’ to the horrors they would soon experience.

 "The first thing we did was go in the aquarium into the viewing area where the seals swim in a tiny pool," McEwen recalls. She then proceeds to explain how they witnessed a seal lying near the pool out in the open, bleeding out from a stomach wound. McEwen and Emery watched in utter confusion and disturbance as the MarineLand employees did nothing to help the seal. The employees didn’t even bother to close down the viewing area, or provide treatment for the injured animal.

McEwen was concerned, and decided to ask one of the trainers if they knew what had happened to the seal, the trainer simply said: “It’s just a flesh wound; you can’t put a Band-Aid on a seal.”

To add to the already traumatizing events, McEwen and Emery saw a sea lion whose eyes were glazed white, and was clearly blind, and they came across eight seals swimming in a small pool filled with feces.

McEwen and Emery were ready to leave, but decided to visit one last show with Smooshi the Walrus. McEwen describes the bitter events that toke place: “This walrus looked incredibly tired and sick and was slow at turning around and doing her tricks so her ‘trainer’ kicked her TWICE to get her attention and then gave her a fish. Hundreds of people sitting in the crowd witnessed this abuse. It is not okay.”

Julie McEwen and Samantha Emery aren’t the only ones who have seen the disgusting, inhumane treatment of MarineLand’s animals, many others have told of their experiences at MarineLand. Several have said MarineLand’s enclosures are too small, filthy, and they smell repulsing. Not to mention the animals are visually suffering and all this for an overpriced admission.

If first hand witnesses aren’t enough to convince you, I also have data to further strengthen my point. Between the years 1970-2013 MarineLand had lost 17 Orca Whales, 20 Beluga Whales, and 32 Dolphins. Not one of these animals died of natural causes. This means Marine Land has lost the most marine animals than any other Marine Park, in the WORLD.


Marine Land mistreats their animals, and needs to be held accountable. Please sign this petition to force Marine Land to provide for their animals! 

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