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Tell the Canadian Government to start HELPING Canadians

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I long for the Government of Canada to begin to help all Canadians by entering into a mutually beneficial partnership with a southern "CANADIAN" vacation destination.

This ‘yet to be determined’ tropical destination could help build Canada's economy through the use of our hard earned tourist dollars instead of our feckless habit of repeatedly boosting the economies of foreign interests.

Why cooperate?

For almost a century–there have been discussions and proposals put forward in Canada aimed at inviting a tropical country into the commonwealth of Canada. The earliest record appears to be from 1917 when Prime Minister Robert Borden first suggested it.

Canada is cold and we as Canadians spend a terrific amount of money traveling to warmer places in search of relief from winter. If Canada had a province that was blessed with the climate and weather of a place such as the Caribbean, I submit it wouldn’t take long for it to begin to receive a disproportionate amount of our Canadian travel and retirement dollars. Canadians would thereby eliminate currency risk and the fear of foreign health care, which are both particularly important for travellers; especially retirees. This also means that a lot more money would be kept within the Canadian economy.

What’s in it for our tropical partner?

The majority of the labour force in most under developed countries is unskilled, or manual labour. If a potential country were to step forward intent on sharing in what Canada has to offer, and they are serious about developing their economy beyond tourism, then education needs to become a significant part of any economic development platform. Thankfully, a union between our country and theirs would open up Canadian universities to their populations. Canadian universities are some of the most highly ranked in the world.

In addition, Canada is arguably one of the wealthiest countries in the world. And we consistently rank amongst the highest in the world in terms of education, transparency, public safety and security, quality of life, cultural diversity and economic opportunities, etc.... It’s for these reasons that we're perceived as a great place to live and invest. One of the only things we can’t typically provide is mild, seasonable weather.

Any union with a willing Southern partner would obviously change all of that. But beyond just weather, it would also give Canada a foothold in an important region of the world and provide a stable locale for foreign investment. Similar to the way in which Miami has become the “Capital of Latin America”, our lucky partner could become a meaningful centre for trade and investment, backed by Canadian industry and stability.

What can be done?

These are just a couple of the innumerable reasons why such a partnership could accrue to the benefit of virtually everyone involved and why Canadian legislators should seriously consider a union and/or the potential annexation of a willing southern ‘spouse’.

Petitioning of Justin Trudeau and his cabinet

If you found any of these arguments compelling, then I would urge and invite you to immediately sign and share this petition, addressed to the Right Honourable Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada and Foreign Affairs Minister, the Right Honourable Chrystia Freeland … so that we can move forward with a meaningful exploration of what this could mean for both countries. 


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