Support International Students in Canada affected by COVID-19

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In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone's lives in Canada has been affected in many ways. One of the many who are affected by this current situation are international students in Canada who are big contributors to the country's economy.

Now, we would like to hear or know the government's plan for international students, especially those who are studying in public colleges. As most of us know, us, international students in Canada pay a lot for our tuition. In fact, we are paying almost 3 times the yearly tuition of domestic students to attend a face-to-face or classroom classes in public colleges here in Canada. While we truly understand the suspension of classes and the switching of it to distant learning mode/online classes, we feel that a portion of our tuition fee should be refunded to us, or we deserve to be compensated in some ways as we are obviously not getting everything that we paid for. There is also uncertainty as to how classes will be delivered during the upcoming Spring/Summer (May 2020) semester. Should it still be delivered online, technically, we are no longer using most of the public college's facilities such as laboratories, gym, libraries, etc. To attend classes, we are now paying for our own internet and electricity; and we are using our own laptop instead of school computers. Not only that, some international students will most likely have to extend their study, co-op, and other permits and visa which would mean another expense on their part should there be significant changes or impact on their programs' timeline. If the economy were not to recover this year, what will happen to the graduating students, especially those who are only on a one-year program, who will apply for PGWP this year? Getting a job after their graduation will surely be a big challenge. No international student would want to waste his/her once in a lifetime pgwp. We are appealing to the federal government to also address our concern as soon as possible on the implication of the covid19 pandemic on the lives of the international students in Canada. We understand that the Canadian government is doing its best to implement safety measures, and bring relief and aid right now to its residents, but we hope that the government will not neglect us, international students, during this trying time.