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Twice a year an article appears in the National Newspaper that points out minimal benefits of changing the clock and multitude problems caused by this practice. The authorities are not responding, or saying that it is impossible to stop this practice since our biggest trading partner south of the border is not doing it.

Wake up Canada!

Isn’t it time to be a leader in some endeavor?

Start small, like stop changing the clock. It takes one brave step and many countries will follow us.

Adopt Standard Time for the whole year. Do not switch to Daylight Saving Time, not in summer, not ever. Let other countries follow our example.

Do not look over the shoulder. Do not hide behind logistical problems of coordinating it with USA. It can be done with just few lines of code.   An executive decision is all what is needed.

This is the easiest way to affect the well being of the whole population!

Be a Leader, Canada

For further details refer to:

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Department of Psychiatry of ANY Canadian University;

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