Help Canada stop the Spread of COVID19

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Help slow the spread of COVID19 in Canada by pushing the Federal government to connect Transport Canada with 911 dispatchers so emergency responresp can check if a person has traveled to a hot zone before they get there.

Also change Employment Insurance to cover 100% salary replacement for anyone self isolating with a positive test so people do not have to try and work sick to pay rent.

Monitor home quarantined with ankle monitors to make sure they are not tempted to go out for a quick trip. Provide deliveries of food and supplies to keep them isolated and securely remove their trash to be burned.

Inspect all public washrooms to make sure they are refilling their soap dispensers and increase fines if they don't. Run a 24/7 reporting line for companies that do not have soap available in 5 minutes of empty.

Create a criminal charge for anyone who has symptoms and does not get tested and spread the virus when they should have known better and winds up spreading the illness! Have a reporting line for people to call in someone they see in public with symptoms.