15% Hazard pay increase for all essential workers!

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Essential workers are neccesary for the economy to keep running at a bare minimum during an outbreak. People from clerks in the grocery store, truck drivers to bring in food supply, healthcare workers, police, emt's expose themselves, and their loved ones everyday they have to work on the job. They do not have a choice and cannot refuse. They jeopardize themselves and their families everyday they work, the potential for death can be very high for people who at risk. But exposure everyday can put them in a much higher catergory than people who are asked to stay home or laid off. Please let's support our essential workers with hazard pay automatically whenever there is an outbreak. Hazard pay is a small price to pay for the cost of their lives that keep us safe, fed, warm, clean, hydrated, entertained, informed, protected, or healthy, until the threat is declared over.