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Before I begin I just want to say that there are amazing women and Mothers out there who would never dream of preventing their children from seeing their father and to those Woman we thank you more than you will ever know.

-Fathers everywhere.

  For a couple generations now more and more women have chosen to have kids and use them for financial gain and as weapons against the fathers. It has become an epidemic. I know countless young men who love their children with all their hearts and yet are constantly denied access to them by the Mothers. Even after judges have ruled the Father to be a guardian or even 50 - 50 guardianship some women will still continue, without real punishment from the courts, to alienate the father. So many young children grow up without their Fathers in their lives and a lot of their Fathers, who their Moms and society would call "dead beat Dads" actually want to be involved in their children's lives but are blocked by the Mother. I have been fighting for access to my son and guardianship for about a year now. I have seen my son maybe a handful of times. He is, at the time of writing this, just under 15 months old. Now the Mother is trying to move to Edmonton in further attempts at keeping me out of our sons life. I am calling for a precedent to be set and enforced by the courts. When the Mothers of our children alienate us and we have the means and desire to support and raise the child and tend to their needs in equal or greater ways the courts should recognize this and enforce an order where gradually, over the course of a few months to a year, the child will slowly start to spend more and more time with the Father until he becomes the primary care giver. In my case for example; I have not seen my son in months, he will probably not recognize me when I see him next. Therefore it is understandable that switching him to my care immediately would be a shock to him. I propose that it begins with a few visits through out the day for a few hours. Start to create a bond and then move to an over night visit, then two over nights say on the weekend. After a month or so of the two over night visits once a week switch it to 3 days. Let a Father start to see the dynamic and challenges of being the primary care giver of the child. Eventually the child would end up in the care of the Father for the majority of the time and the Mother (in my case) would have unrestricted access as often as she wanted. She's more than welcome in my home and my families home but her time with him would be on the weekends or every other weekend, whichever is better suited for all parties involved. Perhaps if Mothers begin to see that there will be real consequences to their actions, this disgusting and tragic phenomenon will end. Fathers are absolutely vital to children growing up into healthy, happy, individuals. Its time we as society step up and fix the problems in our communities, not for ourselves as it is already too late for that but for our children and our grandchildren after them.