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Canadian County Republican Party Letter to 2019 Oklahoma Legislature

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This is a letter to the 2019 Oklahoma Legislature which states our expectations for them, warnings against potential corruption of their offices, suggests better ways to fund public education, and points to ways that the legislature can act in order to defend and protect our life, liberty and property. Below the dashed line is the language of the letter. Here is a link to the PDF of letter. We invite you to sign on to this letter in order to promote and and establish proper government in the state of Oklahoma! If you have an official capacity and would like to have your name and title listed on the official letter delivered to the Oklahoma Legislature, please email us by Friday, November 30, 2018 at

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Dear <<Insert Senator/Representative>>,

Congratulations on being chosen to represent your district! It is now up to you to determine whether or not you will be a blessing or a curse for the citizens you represent. You have been placed in your position to defend our liberty, uphold our
God-given, inalienable rights and establish justice. Citizens and lobbyists will come to you requesting that special rights and treatments be afforded to certain groups or industries through the law. Deny these requests. It is an abuse of government for it
to be used for the advantage of one group over another, i.e. business tax credits. Leadership may request that you support certain bills in order to have your bills recognized and heard. You may even be promised support for your next election
campaign if you support those bills. Do not take the bait. Do not compromise your office. It belongs to the people you represent. If this situation occurs, please report it to the news stations and us to expose the corruption of our government.

If you are a teacher who has entered the legislature with the purpose of increasing funding for Oklahoma classrooms, please consider that, without the tax increases of HB 1010XX, our state saw increased revenue by almost $1.2 billion over last
year’s collections. Rather than raise taxes, it would be more appropriate to find budget savings and efficiencies with forensic audits and by cutting administrative costs through school district consolidations and downsizing the Oklahoma State
Department of Education. Realistically, there should be, at most, a school district for each county with additional school districts allowed for Oklahoma City and Tulsa. If public education shall continue as a state institution, we should move
towards reducing its dependence on the tax structure by funding it through such means as sponsorships, advertising, endowments, tuition fees, etc. Very few of our 500+ school districts spend at least 65% of their budgets in the classroom. We
insist that you pass legislation that requires school districts to direct at least 65% of their annual spend to the classroom, where the two most important people are, the teacher and the student.

Our government is involved in activities it should not be. These are some ways by which we can improve Oklahoma.

� Eliminate All Unnecessary Licenses and Licensing Agencies. Government is not the proper arbiter of occupational proficiency and should not be a barrier of entry to a person desiring to enter an industry and start a business.
� Make Changes in the Tax Structure in Order to Eliminate the Property Tax. As long as it is in place, we are never truly land owners. We are no more than renters from the state. The elimination of the property tax would create an increase in wealth, and businesses would flock to our state.
� Eliminate All Tax Credits. Tax credits are the essence of governmental corruption. They reflect that industrial cronies are able to buy political favors which provide subsidization for their industries. Bearing in mind that the income tax is a violation of our right to enjoy the fruits of our labor, if imposed, it should be applied equally to all
citizens without exception.
� Abolish Government Sanctioned Infanticide (Abortion). A curse will remain on this government and this state as long as abortions are allowed to occur with governmental approval through the force of law. God calls children
blessings in the Bible. Why should our government participate in the elimination of God’s blessings from our land?

We encourage you to simplify government and reduce its size in every way you can. If you would like to discuss any of the concepts in this letter or other matters, please do not hesitate to reach out. Contact information is below. You are always
welcome to attend our monthly meetings and address issues you would like to convey to your constituents and the public.

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