End Sky-High Airfares

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Canada has two major airlines, and together they own and control a majority of the airline seats in the country. This market duopoly allows them to dictate Canadian flight prices, keep out other competing airlines, and rip-off Canadian travellers. The Competition Bureau is specifically in place to stop these types of market-dominating business practices from happening. So, what do we want the bureau to do? Their job.

Why is this important?
Other countries all over the world have competitive airline industries that offer a wide range of prices to suit travellers' needs (e.g. ultra-low-cost carriers and general airlines with upgradeable seating packages). Canada has two airlines who, if they are left to continue doing what they're doing, will make flying within Canada even more unaffordable than it already is. So, if you think going home for Christmas in 2019 is a stretch, the years after that are beginning to feel a lot like a rip-off.

How it will be delivered?
We will deliver the petition directly to the Competition Bureau. With it, they will be forced to stop turning a blind eye to the growing problem that, without their intervention, will soon be flying out of control.