Change (Tax Revolt, Canada)

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Canadians are far too tired of the current Liberal government. They try to cover their absurd and irresponsible spending costs by increasing taxes on all classes, particularly the low and middle class. And the kicker? They have the audacity to call it "helping the middle class!" 

This petition was started to, at the very least, make some sort of impact. You will often read online of changes that should be made, but no one goes about actually making that change. It's as if our voices are seldom ever heard.

Question period is just that -- Question period. Non-answers, conflations, misdirections and deflections are all that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his posse of incompetent thieving MPs can provide when questioned about real issues. Thanks, Trudeau.

Canada has become expensive as a whole. This source, ( nicely touches upon some things. Another big thing is businesses in fields such as the clothing industry; some Canadians are lucky enough to be able to travel to Buffalo, where we can buy clothes up to 2x cheaper than here. Canadian brands operating in the US make us pay more here! Why not start with such domestic issues, instead of trying to mask the attempt at circumventing foreign investment with a 15% tax? Might as well have said, "Ok, we know what you're doing, just give us our cut." Thanks, Trudeau.

Let's talk about foreign investment, actually. If a Canadian wants a mortgage for a 1.5 million dollar house, (which, by the way, is literally just above the average price of a home here in Toronto), they need a 20% downpayment, (meaning all assets minus all liabilities must equal at least 20%). Sorry, where are we going to find $300,000? Thanks, Trudeau.

Free health? For every dollar we earn, if one makes over $100,000 a year before taxes (which is just about 6% of the Canadian population, according to the official Canadian Government, ( one has to give away 42 percent. FORTY TWO percent. My take away pay is $60,000, and according to this, ( I can hardly live comfortably in my home city. Thanks, Trudeau.

It's very simple - because besides being a skiing instructer, he's also a drama teacher who is very knowledgeable in Economics, as he is very confident that the budget will balance itself, (

Meanwhile, let's make our friends rich, ( make life for Ontarians terrible, ( as they decide between heat or water. I don't know, let's also throw in a duck, ( there because it's obviously relevant to Canada as a nation. Also, did I mention let's also forget Alberta as a nation ( Or rather sorry, let's not, let's actually screw them over even more and increase their taxes on gas from January 1, 2018. Thanks, Trudeau.

While we're at it, maybe toss in some apologies and money to convicted terrorists, ( hmm, what else. I mean if we're taxing the crap out of people with an average salary of $39,000/year (before taxes), might as well toss in another useless, suffocating Carbon Tax, ( who'll notice. Mayhaps considering FPTP benefitted him, let's also scrap the promise to get rid of it, (; maybe let's even screw, ( our country,( even further, and not answer any questions, ( because it's called *Question* Period, not *Answer* Period, duhh. Also screw it, we're lazy so let's only have Trudeau come in once a week, ( 

I mean, while we're at it, let's also say that we wont be spending too much, yet spend 5 times more than projected, ( while turning a surplus into a 'modest' deficit, ( that our grandkids will be paying off.

Also, let's be frank and honest. We don't want ISIS soldiers back in our country. You relinquish your citizenship the second you engage in treason, (


This joker was voted into power by mostly youth (because he promised to legalize marijuana and was good looking) and by others who werent necessarily voting for a party, rather voting against another one, ( He has the audacity to say he's helping the middle class, when in essence he is quite literally doing the opposite. I can't believe people still defend him.

It wasnt always like this. Trudeau is effectively selling out his country, and we as the people need to stand up. I propose a Tax Revolt. On a holiday, perhaps Canada Day, nobody is to pay their taxes to our thieving government. No one is to enable them to further spiral Canadians and our economy into a potentially perpetual financial depression. Families must decide whether to stay warm or keep the lights on! How is that a decision that someone in Canada should be making?! Canada is an amazing country! The changes we were promised must come! 

If you can't spend our money responsibly, then we won't give it to you. Why are we forced to live like this at our own expense? 

Make Canada Great Again!