30 - 40 % of breast cancer funding to M.B.C. (Metastatic Breast Cancer) research

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As one who was affected by "Infiltrative Ductal Carcinoma" and "Stage 4 De Novo" breast cancer, I was aware that for 6 - 10 % of people affected by breast cancer from the "get go," EVERY month is BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTH for they ended up having to take breast cancer treatments for as long as they live. The same is true for at least 30 % of so called "early stagers" who go on to have metastatic breast cancer.  The solution is to change the "breast cancer paradigm" from mere AWARENESS to ACTION by increasing the research budget for metastatic breast cancer to 30 - 40 % of breast cancer funding and the Canadian Cancer Society - Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation are the ones to do that if they're serious about "running for the cure."