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Canadian Blood Services: End the deferral on gay and bisexual men from donating blood


Whereas Canadian Blood Services and Hema Quebec are reconsidering their deferrals/bans; and

Whereas Canadian Blood Services has recently enacted a policy banning gay and bisexual men from donating blood if they have been sexually active with men within the last 5 years; and 

Whereas Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Japan, South Africa, Sweden and the U.K. have enacted deferral periods of 1 year or less on donations from gay and bisexual men; and

Whereas this deferral singles out sexual orientation instead of sexual behaviour, treating many safe donors as risky and risky donors as safe; and

Whereas straight men, regardless of their sexual history can donate blood.

We the undersigned call upon Canadian Blood Services to end their 5 year deferral on gay and bisexual men from donating blood!



Letter to
Canadian Blood Services
Ministers of Health
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Parliament of Canada
For far too long, gay and bisexual men in Canada have been denied the opportunity to give life-saving blood to Canadian Blood Services (CBS). CBS argues that these men are at great risk of being a carrier of HIV, and thus deny them the opportunity to donate if they have had sex with other men within the last 5 years.

However, screening technology today provides CBS excellent safeguards against transferring tainted blood to healthy patients. In addition, HIV rates are nascent amongst African-Canadian, Aboriginal and Caribbean populations. CBS has not moved to ban them from donating, so why should gay and bisexual men be any different? Lastly, CBS policy targets sexual orientation and not sexual behaviour. CBS seems to neglect gay and bisexual men in long-term, monogamous relationships, men who consistently use condoms, or men who have had few partners. Therefore, this policy is scientifically inaccurate and unfair.

I have signed a petition on to call upon Canadian Blood Services to end the 5 year deferral on gay and bisexual men from donating blood. There are many Canadians each day who depend upon blood transfusions, and this deferral prevents their right to receive them.

Please support me and Canadians needing blood by signing this petition. It takes only a few seconds. Canadians waiting for blood will be thankful to you for giving them another day.

Thank you,

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