Stronger longer sentences for Pedophiles

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My ex sexually abused my son! He is being charged & going to court for this matter! But the laws in Canada seem to be lenient compared to other countries!
Even from the start his 1st arrest? He was released within hours & never seen cells in the last 7 months & 4 court dates? He keeps being released?

He is also is being charged for child pornography as he made many videos of the abuse! He faces min 1 year because of my child is under the age of 16!

I would like to add at least a “0” to that number to make it minimum “10 years” other countries often give 20+ years or life!

My son suffered & doesn’t even understand why he is not in jail already today? Doesn’t understand why we live in fear? Why we watch our backs? Pedophiles seem to be more protected here?

Other countries have websites that share the info of Pedophiles, you type in you’re postal code, warning pictures & their crimes are posted of offenders in you’re neighborhood! This can help save some victims in Canada! we also need this!! Help protect the innocent lives of children before grown adults who abuse them! Children are our future! We need to save our children to protect our their future! My son deserves a better justice! all children deserve a better justice system, they were already hurt & abused by people don’t let them also be even more hurt by the justice system! #JusticeForRandy!