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Canada's Wonderland: Re-instate immediate boarding pass system for autistic riders.

Many families with autistic children, as well as adults on the autism spectrum, enjoy parks such as Canada's Wonderland. Many of those individuals cannot easily wait. In 2012 parents were able to get immediate boarding passes to get on the next available ride, but that program has been eliminated in 2013. On some rides parents will be required to enter via the exit with their children to be assigned a time and required to wait. Some parents are concerned about the possibility of their child or children on the spectum having a meltdown and perhaps injuring themselves while leaving the ride to wait in a designated area for patrons with disabilities. The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act requires that people with disabilities be accommodated so that there are no barriers to participation. Eliminating a pass that accommodated autistic individuals is a step back and may lead to children on the spectum being harmed.

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Canada's Wonderland
Re-instate Canada's Wonderland's immediate boarding pass system for autistic riders.

Parents who take their autistic children to Canada's Wonderland were very appreciative of the immediate boarding pass system that existed in 2012. Autism Spectrum Disorders can often make it difficult for autistic people to wait. By changing to a system where some rides may require parents or caregivers to go through the exit to get a time for a ride and then expect the parent and child to wait can be very difficult for individuals on the Spectrum. Also, in the case where a parent has to go up the exit with a child, the child may experience severe behaviour when leaving with a time. Some parents of autistic children are concerned about the increased possibility for meltdowns, running off and a bad experience at the park.

Autism is unlike many disabilities where sensory inputs can become overloaded. Waiting is one more stress that can make for a horrible time for a child at Canada's Wonderland when it should be a day of fun and celebration.

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