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Take note of Canada's recent Federal Court decision in the case of Jose Figueroa and allow him to stay in Canada with his family!

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The language could not have been clearer. Canada's Federal Court, through Justice Richard Mosley, has confirmed what the supporters of Jose Figueroa and the Figueroa family have been saying for years now - that the decision declaring him "inadmissible" to Canada was flat out wrong. The judge ordered that the decision be re-considered by a new decision maker. Now is the time for the Canada Government to admit their mistake - and allow Mr Figueroa to stay in Canada with his beloved family.
Mr Figueroa was denied permanent residency in Canada because of his links to the FMLN, a broad based opposition movement in El Salvador which opposed the vicious, human-rights abusing military regime which ruled EL Salvador in the 1980's. In overturning the decision of inadmissibility, made by senior immigration official Karine Roy-Tremblay, Justice Mosley has exposed the shockingly unfair treatment of the Figueroa family.
According to Mosley, the original decision failed to take into account the "exceptionally strong" humanitarian and compassionate reasons to allow Mr Figueroa to stay. These include his role as a father,  husband, and sole bread winner in a family with three Canadian-born children (including one with autism). Ministers - are you listening?
Moreover, as supporters of the Figueroas have long claimed, Justice Mosley stated that Roy-Tremblay's decision failed to reflect the history of El Salvador, including the "political violence inflicted on the population by military and security forces over many years" Ministers - are you listening?
Mosley declared the original ruling unreasonable, "as it failed to take into account the nature of the conflict and Mr. Figueroa's personal role as a non-combatant political advocate" for the FMLN. He described the FMLN itself as a broad-based resistance group fighting against an oppressive military regime - not unlike the African National Congress's (ANC) struggle against apartheid in South Africa. He scolded Roy-Tremblay's characterization of the FMLN as a "terrorist organization", noting that the FMLN was now the current Government in El Salvador - having won the last two elections. Ministers - are you listening?
We call on the Ministers named in this petition to do the right thing. Allow Jose Figueroa to stay in Canada with his family which needs him so much. You can remove any more obstacles to justice in this case with a stoke of a pen. The Federal Court of Canada has spoken and exposed a major miscarriage of justice. As citizens of Canada and the wider community of nations we call on you to allow Mr Figueroa to stay in Canada with his family so that the Figueroas can continue to be, as the Langley Times described them - "a model immigrant family".


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