Canada's Boiling Point: Where has our water gone, Trudeau!?

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As Canadians, as humans our bodies are made up of  50-65% water, averaging around 57-60%. For infants, their bodies are made up of  75-78% water, when a infant reaches one year of ages it drops to 65%.

When we get lost or stranded without water our bodies can live for about 3 days until we become dehydrated. 

The summers in Canada get hotter each year- which is no surprise to anyone, hitting a record breaking 43 degrees this summer 2016 in Ontario.  

We can agree  that no matter where we are from, what are our ethics are, religion or race we all need water to survive.  

So, think about this... what happens when we run out of water!? Your possibly thinking no, we cannot run out! Water is limitless.  

The harsh reality of it is... we can run out.  Millions of liters a day are being drained from our natural springs, and lakes by corporate companies looking for the money to "flow" in. We purchase bottle water (which is drained from our "true north, strong and FREE" land) then  we toss out the plastic bottle which then ends up in our landfill or even our lakes!

Maude Barlow wrote a book called, "Boiling Point:Government Neglect, Corporate Abuse, and Canada’s Water Crisis" - which i recommend everyone to read;

"We are complacent. We bask in the idea that Canada holds 20% of the world’s fresh water — water crises face other countries, but not ours. We could not be more wrong. In Boiling Point, bestselling author and activist Maude Barlow lays bare the issues facing Canada’s water reserves, including long-outdated water laws, unmapped and unprotected groundwater reserves, agricultural pollution, industrial-waste dumping, boil-water advisories, and the effects of deforestation and climate change. This will be the defining issue of the coming decade, and most of us have no idea that it is on our very own doorstep".

Our water is drained by these corporate companies, and is not just sold back to us Canadians but sold to the rest of the world as well. We need to think ... would the rest of the world give us water if we ran out!? If so, would there be enough for all of us!?

"From the beginning, free trade has threatened Canada's water in many ways, allowing American corporations to challenge water protection laws, and making federal and provincial governments to ban bulk exports of water more difficult (Barlow).

" Canada also gave up control of its energy sector, leading to a dramatic increase in energy exports to the U.S and a growth in water-destructive tar sands. The same 'proportionality clause' that would impact Canada's water If bulk water exports were ever to commence has facilitated trade in enviromentaly dangerous fossils fuels by obligating Canada to maintain a fixed share of energy exports to the U.S.  The more we export, the more we are obliged to export. This NAFTA rule has not only expanded the trade in fossil fuels it has compromised Canada's energy security and restricted Canada's legal capacity to regulate the extraction and trade in tar sands oil, and thus to protect water (Barlow)."

As humans, we tend to get caught up in the world around us, living our day to day life.  We worry about own problems like sickness, relationships, debt, job lost, school work, social media likes, shares etc. Nonetheless, a lot of us do not take the time to step back and take a look at the bigger picture.  We never think it will happen to us,  we think we will never run out of food or water, well at least not while we are on this earth. Nevertheless, what we don't realize that it could happen any time; now or in the future.  

What about the future; what about your children's future!?  How are you suppose to know about the Canada's future, if your not educated about this.. but now you are! 

I read an article from NOW magazine: Which includes Questions answered by Maude Barlow. It also has the top corporate companies that drain millions of liters of water A DAY!  Examples : 

1. Nestle Canada is allowed to drain 8.3 millions of liters daily!

2. Golden Mountain Springs Inc. is allowed to drain 3.4 Million liters of water daily.

and there's many more that are ALLOWED to do the same by permit. Let's stop this or at least get the allowed liters a day changed!

Visit T.Vincent's Facebook post for pictures:


It does not stop there! Read the report on Nestle outbidding a small Ontario municipality for their safe and clean water supply:

Be sure to read my updates as well. Why is it we are selling our clean, fresh water to companies while our own Canadians bathe and drink in dirty water... Somethings is not right here! Water is a human right and should not be sold!

I created this petition to ask the Canadian Government to put an end to bottle water or to at least only have bottled Water for emergencies!  Water should not be sold!


Please help make this change by signings this petition.  I may not be able to get it to Trudeau but i can get it the North York, Ontario MP Michael Levitt who is apart of the  Trudeau team.